This is a brand new training option offered under Fitness By Jess! Starting July 1st, Fitness By Jess/Strong Mamas owner, Jessica Thomas, will be offering select personal training sessions for my Strong Mamas members as well as any other women in the Greenville area needing a little more one on one accountability and support to achieve their fitness goals. 


Strength training/weightlifting

If your desire is to gain more lean muscle mass, a more defined physique, and strength both inside and out, please click below to get started with Fitness By Jess and learn more about our strength training programming.

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Body composition Testing

All fitness journeys have a starting point and it is essential to measure and track your progress right from the beginning.  Personal training programs through Fitness By Jess will include all body composition testing and continued tracking of body measurements throughout your training.

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Meal Planning/Dietary Coaching

Weight loss starts in the kitchen....period.  It is extremely important to make sure you aren't just "eating less" to lose weight but "eating smart" which includes a balanced and realistic diet rich in nutrient dense food choices.  Personal training programming will include a dietary guideline plan individually created for you.